Age is just a number 

Nikos Kokkos is one of the best examples I have, from my clients, that age is just a number. This is what Nikos posted:


And I would like to quote his exact words:

“So, two Personal Best Records for me on 100 m (11.6) and 200m (24.0) came at my age 48 + at the beautiful island of Kefallonia! I would like to thank my coach Darren Scott and my sports nutritionist Sofie Tvarno for their expertise and directions! We keep going.”

And that’s exactly what we will: keep going and aiming higher. It’s incredible what you can achieve when the focus is on optimal and peak performance. When your nutritional plan is designed specifically for you taking all your personal needs into account. For athletes nutrient timing is of huge importance. Support before and after training, support before and after championships etc. Everything counts and when you put your unique factor into the equation then you go beyond what you thought possible.

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