Epic transformation

Are you going to be the new Panagiotis?

We started out last year, around this time, to reach an insane goal, until mid July. His start body fat percentage was over 30%. He had huge gut problems, poor digestion and an extremely bloated condition. With the personalised specific nutritional plan I designed for him, he regained his health. By the 15/7/17 we reached a bit below his target of 10% body fat. In the same period he gained quite an impressive amount of muscle mass and reached his stated fitness goal. This is an example of 100% dedication, focus and planning. Every single day 24/7/365.

The difference between this job and other similar, and even more outstanding transformations I have done, is the before and after photos, that are so well taken. And the fact that Panagiotis had the balls, to show the before photos, which he wasn’t so found of to begin with, it took a lot of convincing. Most clients don’t take the before photos, other clients don’t want to show the transformation, normally because they are ashamed of their look before. Others just don’t want the publicity.

A lot of people don’t believe this transformation to be authentic, they think it’s photoshopped. It’s great news that Panagiotis know so many people due to his job, that more than thousands remember his before look and can see for themselves how he look today if they take a walk by Fitness Palace.

Now, what about you? Are you up for a transformation so outrageous that people will think it’s photoshopped?

Sofie Tvarno

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