Food is our fuel, our building blocks and our energy

It is up to YOU what you chose to be made of. 

Within a years time literally 98% of all the cells in our bodies are renewed!

Now that makes one think just how important it really is what we feed our bodies in order to renew ourselves!

When we train, we tear down our muscles. If we provide our bodies with the correct building blocks, they will grow back stronger.

How well we recover and how well our cells renew themselves all depends upon the quality of the food we eat and the amount of rest we get.

It’s funny; when people think about their cars there is no question that the best fuel is needed to make them run better. But when it comes to feeding our selves, everything gets mixed up and very emotional!

Food is a very social thing, and all sorts of traditions are built around eating. We find ourselves always having consumed a certain kind of food, and in a certain way; never daring to question whether that is a good or a bad for us. Food is very much connected with the idea of pleasure, especially foods that are really bad for our system.

People find it hard to change their ideas of what pleasure really means!

I had this conversation with a girl in the gym who really wants to lose weight, but she refuses to change the way she eats!

She has been coming to the gym for more than two years and essentially she looks the same!

Anyway, she asked me what to do. I told her some pretty basic principles, nothing too complicated; just simple, doable things everyone can make without too much effort.

You know the basics: cut the sugar, the refined carbs and the junk food.

She looked at me with horror in her eyes and said:”Then there is no pleasure left”.

I replied: “Oh no my dear, there is so MUCH more pleasure to come. Pleasure you cannot even dream of NOW”.

  • The pleasure you gain from clean, organic plant based foods is enormous – in flavor and taste, in health and more importantly in the results you so badly desire.
  • The pleasure you get from reaching a goal is enormous, and that feeling of success spreads to all the areas of your life.
  • The pleasure you get from dressing up, exactly like you want because hey, your body looks amazing. This is huge!
  • The pleasure you get from waking up in the morning full of energy is unbeatable!
  • The pleasure you get from being the BEST version of YOU is enormous!

So what are YOU going to be made of?

Sofie Tvarno

Sports nutritionist - Health coach - Personal trainer

Founder of F.I.T.u™ - rock your body & life with amazing results.

My mission is to bring health & happiness to your world

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