Health benefits of Bee pollen and a delicious recipe

What is bee pollen?
Bee pollen is made by honey bees. It is considered one of nature’s most completely nourishing foods. Bee pollen is rich in proteins (40%), free amino acids, vitamins, including complex B and folic acid.

It is listed as one of the 22 most recommended food energies. Bee pollen can be used medically for a wide range of conditions from prostate health to skin conditions and can help correct specific nutritional imbalances within the body.

9 reasons to add fresh bee pollen daily to your food choices:

  1. Energy Enhancer: The range of nutrients found within bee pollen makes it a great natural energizer. The carbohydrates, protein and vitamin B can help keep you going all day by enhancing stamina and fighting fatigue.
  2. Skin Soother: Bee pollen treats inflammatory conditions and common skin irritations like psoriasis and eczema. The amino acids and vitamins protect the skin and aid in regeneration of new skin cells.
  3. Treating Allergies: Bee pollen reduces the presence of histamine, ameliorating many allergies. Everything from asthma to allergies to sinus
  4. Digestive system: Bee pollen contains enzymes that aid in digestion, assisting you in getting all the nutrients you need from the food you eat.
  5. Immune system booster: It has antibiotic-type properties that help the body protect itself from viruses. It is rich in antioxidants that protect the cells from damaging oxidation from free radicals.
  6. Weight management assistant: Bee pollen crashes cravings and therefore enables you to stick to your food plan.
  7. Support the cardiovascular system: bee pollen contains large amounts of Rutin: an antioxidant bioflavonoid that helps strengthening capillaries, blood vessels, assists with circulatory problems and corrects cholesterol levels.
  8. Prostate Aid: Men who suffer from benign prostate hyperplasia can find relief by using bee pollen. It helps reduce inflammation to stop frequent urges to urinate.
  9. Infertility problems: Bee pollen stimulates and restores ovarian function. It functions as a hormonal booster and is as well a great aphrodisiac.

How Bee pollen is best consumed?

Bee pollen is a food and acts faster and more effectively when taken at mealtime and especially together with fruit, which lets it perform a little cleansing of the intestinal flora.

Further more you will be pleased to know that bee keepers remove the bee pollen from the hives without harming or disturbing the bees.



Chia seed pudding raspberry mousse with bee pollen



Gluten Free

Prep time: 5 min

Use organic ingredients in order to avoid all the chemicals, hormones and GMOs.

Chia seed pudding:


 1/5 cup chia seeds

1/4 cup almond milk

1/6 cup of gojiberries

1 tbsp of soya protein powder


 Mix it all together in a jar with cover and place it for some hours or overnight in your refrigerator.

Raspberry mousse:

 ½ cup of frozen raspberry

2 tbsp almond milk

½ tbsp of soya protein powder

1 teaspoon of maca


 Mix it all together in your blender, place in top of your chia seeds pudding


 1 kiwi

1 tbs blueberrys

1 tbsp gojiberries

1 tbsp bee pollen

1 tbsp pumpkin seeds

1 tbsp coconut flakes


Enjoy, get energized and boost your health.


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