Moderation will make you fat

Moderation will make you fat

The saying: “Everything in moderation” drives me absolutely crazy!

The truth is that moderation makes people overweight and sick all the time. It gives people license to eat things they should avoid big time. Moderation is the enemy.

Think of it, if something is not good for you, why would a little bit be OK?

There is no safe level of trans-fats, high-fructose corn syrup or artificial sweeteners. You need to avoid them completely.

Moderation makes you fat for the following reasons:

1) Moderation creates a slippery slope. If a bit is OK, then a bit more is still OK. The next thing you know, that one cookie turns into two, and that weekly sugary muffin turns into a daily ritual.

2) Moderation sets you up for cravings. If you don’t eat chips, then you won’t think of chips. The minute you eat chips, what do you think about? Eating more chips.

That’s one of the things about artificial sweeteners as well: when you eat sweet, you crave sweet. You have a little bit of something and then before you know it you want more and more. You are much better off looking at an artificial sweetener and thinking: “this is toxic. This will hurt me”.

We all have trigger foods, and just a little bit of them create desire.

3) Moderation sets you up for addiction to foods. This is especially true with processed foods, which usually contain gluten, dairy or both. Gluten peptides and the casein peptides in dairy products can react with opiate receptors in the brain, thus mimicking the effect of opiate drugs like heroin and morphine. As a result they have a drug like effect on the brain. Cheese for example, is loaded with casein, a protein that breaks up during digestion to produce morphine-like opiate compounds called casomorphines. These substances are thought to contribute to the mother-infant bond that occurs during nursing. So it is no surprise people feel so bonded with their pizzas hahaha.

Chocolate, sugar and meat work in slightly different ways, but they all release drug-like substances that seduce the brain into coming back for more. Dr. David Kessler likewise talks about how the sugar/salt/fat combination of most processed foods creates an addiction that makes it virtually impossible to eat these foods in moderation. If you have a little bit you will want more and more.

4) Moderation allows immune complexes to accumulate. Most of us get small amounts of toxins all day every day from food or from what we drink or breath. No matter what the source, what you can’t get rid of will accumulate in our bodies.

5) Moderation ignores the serious damage that foods can do. If you are using the bank-account model, which most people use, you might think, “oh, it’s just a 100 extra calories each day. What harm can it do?” But our body is not a bank-account it is a chemistry lab. Food is not just food it is also information. What message is it sending your body? What happens if you add a 100-caloric snack every afternoon to your diet, say some crackers or a couple of cookies? You are not consuming 100 calories. You are consuming gluten that can damage your gut, plus sugar that is raising your blood sugar and keeping insulin in your bloodstream. That extra insulin tells your body to store more fat. It might even after a while cause an inflammatory response, which then triggers insulin resistance (making it harder to lose weight), leptin resistance ( keeping you hungry even when you’ve had enough) and cortisol resistance (making you feel more stressed out, more fatigued or both). Then you get cravings from the immune complexes that start to form, and your blood sugar crashes way too soon. You don’t have the right insulin or leptin response keeping you from feeling hungry and now you want a second snack and a third and a fourth.

The bottom line is that moderation is a big part of the problem.

Moderation is making you fat and sick.

Let’s focus on eating and doing what’s good for us, what’s really healthy and take us to our optimum health and vitality.


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