Super optimize your health and reach your dream body by cutting the meat!

My FitFood recipes do not have any meat in them, and I strongly suggest staying away from conventional meat. This is due to concerns about our health and the health of our planet, which are interconnected.

Through my studies as a nutritionist, as well as my functional medicine studies I have learned that from a health point of view: conventional meat products are: Unsafe on any plate

  • First it was coli and Salmonella poisoning, then Mad Cow disease, and now the Hong Kong flu! What do these growing epidemics have in common? They are all transmitted to human consumers through chickens and other animals raised in factory farms. And little wonder. In the filthy, crowded pens, harmless micro-organisms mutate into virulent pathogens. Routine use of antibiotics ensure their resistance to life-saving drugs. It makes one wax nostalgic for the good old days when meat eating was associated only with heart disease, stroke, cancer, diabetes, and atherosclerosis.
  • In 1989, the institute of Medicine, a division of the National Academy of Sciences, stated that the use of antibiotics in factory farms was responsible for antibiotic resistance in bacteria and was seriously undermining the ability of these agents to protect human health. Three years later, the institute of Medicine stated that multi-drug resistance bacteria had now become a serious medical concern, causing diseases that are difficult or impossible to cure.
  • Many cases of food poisoning are inaccurately called the stomach flu. What are mistakenly labeled stomach flus are usually intestinal diseases caused by food-born bacteria. Such as E. coli 0157:H7 which is found in ground beef called the hamburger disease.  Instead of existing symbiotically within the human intestine, E.coli 0157:H7 attacks the lining of the colon, exposing blood vessels and causing them to bleed. The first symptoms are usually abdominal cramping and bloody diarrhea. To counter the deadly potential of E.coli 0157:h7 bacteria, the meat industry is calling for irradiation of meats and also for consumers to be sure to fully cook ground beef and other meat products. Now the E. coli 0157:H7 is primarily a problem in hamburger and other ground beef products, if however there was a contest for the most frequently contaminated food product, chicken would stand an excellent chance of winning. Most chicken sold in supermarkets are contaminated with Campylobacter as well as ESBL (Extended-spectrum beta-lactamase) which is a very dangerous Enterobacterianceae e-coli type, which is resistant to antibiotics; it is therefore a very troublesome condition due to the fact that it is very difficult to cure. Patients develop urinary tract infections, which can develop into dangerous septicemia (blood poisoning).The condition is life threatening.





From a sustainable point of view, cutting the meat from our diet is the single best choice you can do for your environment.

Meat production is very heavy on nature, by the chemicals used in the folder production, the GMO production of soya and corn used for folder.

  • Livestock production is the largest sectoral source of water pollution, contributing to dead zones in coastal areas, degradation of coral reefs, human health problems, and emergence of antibiotic resistance.
  • The water waste in animal production is unbelievable big, the ratio is 54 times as much water is used for the production of one beef as opposed to the same amount of potatoes.
  • According to U.N. report Livestock’s Long Shadow a whopping 18% of the emissions result from raising livestock for food. In comparison, 13% of total greenhouse gas emissions come from transport. So, clearly the greatest thing we can do as individuals to reduce the amount of   greenhouse gases we contribute to producing is to eat foods that create fewer emissions in their production.

What is personally sustainable is globally sustainable. What is good for you is good for our planet” Which about sums it up.

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