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Flax seed protein balls

Flax seed protein balls

Raw Vegan Gluten Free

Prep time: 5 min

Use organic ingredients in order to avoid all the chemicals, hormones and GMOs.


1 scoop or 30 g of brown rice protein

1/3 cup oat flakes

¼ cup quinoa flakes

1/5 cup of almonds

5 tbsp flax seeds

3 tbsp sunflower seeds

3 tbsp raisins

3 tbsp chia seeds

3 tbsp almond milk

2 tbsp of agave syrup

2 tbsp coconut flakes

2 tbsp of hempseeds

1 tbsp maca


2 tbsp coconut flakes


Almond pieces


Place all the ingredients in your mixer/food processor, blend until it is a firm mass. Form the firm mixture in to small balls with a spoon and your hand; if the mixture is not firm add more oat flakes until it is firm. If it is too firm add more almond milk. Roll the balls in the coconut flakes, gojiberries or almond pieces. Keep refrigerated (up to 7 days), they are keeping really good for hours in your bag as well.


It is an amazing post work out snack.


It is full of goodies for your optimal health and fitness results.

It speeds up the recovery process and enables your body to build muscle mass.

Remember that it is extremely important to eat after your training, right after or 40 minutes tops should pass. An hour after your post work out snack you should get a full meal.


Health benefits of flax seeds:

Of all plants in the planet kingdom flax seeds have the highest level of omega 3, an essential fatty acid. Omega 3 and omega 6 are considered essential because the body cannot produce them.

Omega 3 is very important to athletes. Aside from its ability to reduce inflammation caused by movement, omega 3 plays an integral part in the metabolism of fat. A nutritional program consisting of at least 2 tbsp of flaxseeds daily will allow the body to burn body fat as fuel. This is important to anyone wanting to shed body fat, but it is of major importance to athletes who need to spare muscle glycogen. As the body becomes proficient at burning fat as fuel (by training and top quality nutrition) endurance dramatically improves.


To understand the significance of omega 3 to exercise, let’s compare two athletes, both at an equal level of fitness. One relies purely on his body’s ability to burn carbohydrates, while the other has fueled his body with high quality fats as well. The athlete who feeds his muscles only carbohydrates can store only enough muscle glycogen for about a 90 minutes workout. After that, he needs to ingest more or his performance will decline. On the other hand, the athlete who has incorporated omega 3 and omega 6 into his diet (and trained properly) will be able to draw from fat reserves. This means the athlete has a dual fuel source, lengthening the time it takes for muscle glycogen to be depleted while improving endurance – not to mention creating a leaner body.


Flax seeds are high in potassium, an integral electrolyte for active people, because it is in part responsible for smooth muscle contractions. The body loses potassium when it sweats, so this mineral must be replaced regularly to keep the body’s levels adequately stocked. Potassium also regulates fluid balance, helping the body keep hydrated.


Flax seeds contain both soluble and insoluble fiber. Soluble fiber slows the release of carbohydrates into the bloodstream, helping control insulin levels and prolongs energy. Soluble fiber, when consumed, gives the body a sense of fullness, signaling its hunger mechanism to shut off. For this reason, people who are trying to lose weight should increase their consumption of soluble fiber. Insoluble fiber is important in terms of digestive system health. Insoluble fiber plays a cleansing role by insuring toxins doesn’t build up and spread into the bloodstream. Like hemp seeds, flaxseeds have anti-inflammatory properties, welcoming in any person’s life. It is a complete protein with all essential amino acids.


I suggest buying whole flax seeds, and grinding them in a coffee grinder. Because flax seeds are small with hard sells, they will pass through the system undigested if consumed whole. Grinding them exposes their oils and nutrient value so they can be effectively utilized by the body.







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