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How to achieve your fitness/health goal – your best version

Through experience with hundreds of clients as well as my own fitness journey (from a 100 kg to 62 kg) I have found out what really works and have cut out all the BS that doesn’t. I want to give my clients amazing results, and that is happening though a specific process:

1) Get very clear about your goal

In order to score you really need to know where to shoot! Just wanting to lose a few kg is not going to get you all fired up, it is not specific and big enough. Getting really detailed in your goal description is very helpful; finding photos of what you want to look like, how that is going to make you feel, is excellent, because you are wiring your brain towards your dream result. I always suggest to my clients to make vision boards for their best version (Just for you, no need to share it with anyone, only people who you know with 100% certainly believes in you). With a vision board I mean a lot of photos together showing your new body look, your new lifestyle and what that will give you of awesome feelings and added benefits to your life (you can make it on paper or on-line, whatever works for you).

2) Get specific about your why

Knowing why you set out on your fitness/health journey is extremely helpful, there are going to be days where you just want to quite, where you really just want a drink, some junk food, a cupcake etc especially in the beginning, knowing why you are doing it will help you to stick to your plan, your brain will not be able to argue with your reason.

3) Clarity on your starting point

Get a detailed look at yourself, how many kg are you, how is your health really, get a general blood test done, check out how you are feeling on  a general basis, get your measurements done, fat percentage etc. I always measure my clients, take their fat percentage and get a very good look at them, and make sure they see, really see themselves, make them take a starting out selfie etc. In order to set your destination you need to know your starting point. It is extremely helpful because you will soon, very soon be able to see your measured progress, I measure my clients every two weeks, the achievements makes them so excited and fired up that they get more and more into their health up mission!

4) A clear plan

When you know where you are heading and you know your starting point you can make a specific plan in order to reach your goal. I make very specific nutrition plans and training plans for my clients, uniquely designed and tailor made especially for them, taking all their measurements, and details into account, in order to reach their specific target. This is my expertise.

5) Measured progress

It is very important to measure your progress, this will make you stick to your plan, it will excite you, and it will show you that: yes this is so worth it. Measurements and fat counting is much more important than your weight, because what is really important is that you lose fat, nobody wants to lose muscle mass, muscle mass is something we want to build, it firms out the skin, it speeds up your metabolism, it creates your own human growth hormone which is your fountain of youth, and as an extra bonus the muscle building process is giving you endorphins and serotonin, your happy hormones.

Body fat photo

6) Find fitter friends

In your fitness and health journey it is important to surround yourself with likeminded people. In the beginning especially, it is really hard being around friends that eat junk and smoke, if you are trying to quite. Having fit friends is inspiring and catchy. They will pull you in the direction you want to go.

7) Support

Starting out on your fitness/health journey is not easy, getting rid of bad habits is though in the beginning. You will need support, you will need to ask of your closest friends or partner to support you in the process, having a coach to support you is of huge importance. I support my clients daily to reach their goals. They can count on me to be there for them, to tell them that it is so worth it and that they can do it. I have so many profs that it can be done and I am myself a living example.

When is the best time to start?

Now, you only have so many tomorrows!

There is never any better time than now.

Sofie Tvarno

Sports nutritionist - Health coach - Personal trainer

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