Choose a goal that is almost too difficult

Choose a goal that is almost too difficult
Learn new stuff
Dare to be a beginner
Stay at your edge

I have found that we progress in quantum leaps if we dare to get over our limiting believes and fears, move out of our comfort zone and do the things we always dreamed of doing!
Enthusiasm and childish joy bubble up with glitters of light.

Move into an area of almost too difficult, almost too fast, almost too complicated and a little scary “Yeah” get the adrenaline thrill of finally doing it.
Do it today! Or plan it today; take immediate action toward it now!

Get into your zone of being absolutely present and focused: that is the happiest place you can be.
You do not only become alive, you also improve big time. Your body needs to react and follow up and make the needed adjustments,
this means you get stronger in your sports and in the game of life as well.

I am feeling so happy that I had to share it with you. I finally did it, took my first lesson in Kite surfing, I totally loved it, in my edge zone sending out good energy to all of your guys!
And I am hoping to have had inspired you to take the step and go do something you always dreamed of, but you are kind of scared doing!
If you wanna change – change.

Yep, just going to the gym everyday doing the same routine will not really get you anywhere new.
It’s good and all, you are maintaining what you have built and all, but it won’t change you, it won’t take you to the next level, it will not improve you.
If you want improvement, you need a challenge, you need something new, you must dare to be a beginner again; you wake up both mentally and physically.
To improve add new stuff, make it exciting and achieve your ultimate fitness dream body goal.

Sofie Tvarno

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