Nurture and thrive. Make your body hum with delight

Nurture and thrive. Make your body hum with delight.

I came up with this quote, because I want to emphasize that being super fit and healthy is not about being deprived in any way, what so ever!
It’s all about making optimal nutritional choices that makes every cell in your body dance, that gives you the: oh yes mmmmmm, mouthwatering mouth orgasmic feeling.
It’s about the food choices that fills you with energy, making you light at your feet and ready to play your favorite games or ready for your great run or hike, or whatever movement you love.
I am in love with the feeling of never ending energy in my veins, playing Padel tennis, running and lifting.

The energy comes from all the delicious food I am eating that brings bursting golden sparks of energy and delight through my system.
Many people believe that being fit and healthy equals tons of restrictions and less pleasure.

This is very far from the truth, the thing is that if you start changing your eating habits into much healthier ones, you will feel so much better, so much lighter, fresher, even your brain will work better.

Healthy food choices can be super delicious too. Working out fills you with endorphins, which is the happy hormone and it does exactly that: makes you happy.
Bonus is that by choosing the delicious healthy habits in a great combination of eating, working out and relaxation. Not only do you enter a state of bliss, you are also going to look oh so amazingly great, not only will you reach your dream body; you will also shine brightly like a star.

So what stopping you?

Sofie Tvarno

Sports nutritionist - Health coach - Personal trainer

Founder of F.I.T.u™ - rock your body & life with amazing results.

My mission is to bring health & happiness to your world

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