Progress brings instant joy!

Progress brings instant joy!

Even the tiniest improvement really makes us happy; every single baby step you take towards your dream, will bring you joy and fulfillment the moment you do it.
So don’t postpone your dream for tomorrow or Monday!

Start Now:

Write your goal down. Make a list of three small things you can do today that will bring you a little closer than yesterday, and do them now.

Make the phone call, buy the ticket, get your running shoes on, and choose the fruit and the salad today!
Smile because you know you are, with your small improvements now, walking strait into your dream life.

Yep I am not kidding, the small steps you take every day will change your whole life. They will take you of your autopilot life.
Stop living the same day over and over again; take control over your life. Design it the way you want it, and go crazy, think big, juicy and outrageous.
Allow yourself to go wild; big awesome dreams are the best fuel.

Make your living an art. Yep, become a life artist, paint you own most delicious dreams, the way you right now, this moment, decide to live from now on.
I remember being overweight, depressed feeling like 76, heavy dragging myself through what seemed like the same hellish day lived over and over again!
Until one day I decided no more! That’s it I am changing, I am an artist! I will paint my own life.
The very first kg in weight loss was such a satisfaction, not that it made me look that different really, but it made me feel that I was doing something about it and that was so satisfying.

Every time I managed to get my big butt and but to the gym, I was smiling, oh yeah – I am doing it!

So start now!

Right now!

What are your 3 steps for today?

Sofie Tvarno

Sports nutritionist - Health coach - Personal trainer

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