Stress makes you sick and fat

Meditate and nurture your body to reduce stress, increase vitality and gain your ideal body weight.


Stress is the biggest factor for our health. Our metabolism slows down when we are stressed and we hold on to body fat like our lives depends in it.

Stress management is very important to work on. Stress, including not being adequately nourished, results in hormonal imbalance and the accumulation of body fat. Focus on optimal nutrition, weight training, as well as quality sleep, will diminish your body stress hugely, the endorphins you gain from exercise, optimum nutrition and great quality sleep will boost your serotonin hormonal level which enables you to handle your psychological stress much better, which will bring you into a positive cycle that slowly but steadily will bring you hormonal balance. Nutritional stress in fact normally counts for 70 % of our overall stress.

Actively handling stress, planning and execution, relaxes your body, boosts your metabolism and vitality.

Stress management:

  • Optimum nutrition, follow a nutritional program that will lead to your optimum nutrition
  • Exercise, It is very important to aim for training 3 -5 times per week, optimally one hour of intense training incorporating functional training and weight training with deep breathing and no rest in between sets, just change of muscle group.
  • Good quality sleep is essential for the body to recover, heal and find its balance. Getting enough quality sleep is one of the most important factors for our health; it’s boosting our metabolism and enables us achieving and the desired fat loss. 7 hours of sleep is recommended. In order to get into quality sleep: do not use any electronic devises 1 hour before bed. The bedroom should be totally dark, darkness releases melatonin, a powerful sleep-enhancing hormone and antioxidant. No blinking small lights from electronic devices should be around and your phone should be on airplane mode. Starting to relax an hour before bed time is a good idea, reading a good book, taking a relaxing bath, meditating is excellent.
  • Meditation, is a great way to relax and de-stress, aim for min 10 minutes mediation a day, where you lay down close your eyes and take deep breaths, while following you breathing. Relax in all your muscles and imagine your best most joyful day in the future, let your fantasy run wild, don’t put restriction on yourself.

It is part of my nutritional program for my clients to meditate minimum 10 minutes per day. I suggest a meditation where you visualize your best dream life, it is in an ideal world where anything is possible, and there are no limits and no fear. You set yourself free from all your old believes, and you focus on what brings you joy. This meditation sets you in an incredible great mood, and you get filled up with the happy hormone serotonin.

Afterward you sit down and write a list of what you can do that day to step closer to your dream life, you write a week plan, a month plan and a year plan. After everyday’s meditation you check your plans and write an action plan for the day that is absolutely in tune with your plans, everything you do is going to bring you a tiny step closer to your goal. It always works wonders in your fat-loss and get-fit process, because you get rid of bad stress that makes you hold on to your body fat like your life depend on it, it sets you in a great mood, so you do not fall into self pity where we tend to overeat and I do not know of anyone who dreams of being of poor health and fat in their dream life. All action towards our dream life is always including great self-care.  

I am aiming for making my clients as stress-free as possible because it first of all hugely improves their life quality; secondly

 stress-free people are fat-burning machines


This is what makes people take a look at their stress management, and agreeing actively to do something about it.

It is time to meditate and nurture your body to reduce stress, increase vitality and gain your ideal body weight.


Sofie Tvarno

Sports nutritionist - Health coach - Personal trainer

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