Don’t downgrade your dream to fit your perceived reality

Upgrade your conviction to match your most ambitious goals!

I have helped hundreds of clients to make complete lifestyle changes and reach their goals;
the first step is giving them permission to dream as big, delicious and outrageous as possible.

If you have your goal big, shining and clear in your mind constantly, if you have your destination set, you will reach it!
Like a Polynesian way-finder you must navigate by focusing on the destination, reaching it naturally as they do.

All the small obstacles and difficult daily decisions are no longer an issue, because you KNOW where you are going.

The doubt is gone and all your small actions and activities all add up towards your goal. There is no confusion and nothing can any longer distract you!

That is the beauty of it. Once you allow yourself to go towards what you really yearn for, you will begin to notice that at the same time it is also coming towards you.

Like the way finder Nainoa navigating without modern equipment:

“He had no idea where they were. He masked his fear and remembered his teacher’s words. “Can you see the image of the island in your mind?”
He became calm and realized he had already found the island.

What does your dream island look like? Add as many details as possible. How does it feel like to have reached it?

If the feeling is calm, relaxed and makes you smile, your dream is definitely the best possible decision you could ever have made.

Now keep that feeling with you always, this is the compass by which you will navigate.

Stress, tenseness, worry, anxiety are all feelings and signs that you going off course.
They are indications that your goal, your dreams might not really be yours; they might have been placed upon you by your social setting.

Always go for calm, open, relaxed, warm feelings; they are great signs to keep going on the path you have chosen.

Your dream destination (goal) should really make you want to lick your lips in delight.

Sofie Tvarno

Sports nutritionist - Health coach - Personal trainer

Founder of F.I.T.u™ - rock your body & life with amazing results.

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