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To reach your dream body, aim for optimal health.

In order to reach your best version, your dream body, the absolute best you can do is to aim at 100% health.

Most people live in a state of 20 % health or less, getting more and more tired, worn out and sick of how they actually treat their bodies’ every day.

To reach a goal of optimal health, you need to eat, train and sleep like it.

Food should be our fuel; our building blocks and it can heal you and make you recover.

In the average person’s lifestyle, food is not fuel, it so refined, full of chemical, artificial sweeteners, colors, hormones and stabilizers, that the body has such a hard time trying to digest it that it actually gets tired and uses energy in the process! In the average persons diet, food is not building blocks since it does not consist off enough to build from, it is way too refined, and ripped off from nutrients in order to be considered building blocks, it basically just fills you up, makes you tired, store fat and in the long run makes you sick.

When our bodies are not feed by enough quality nutrients, enough material to build and heal from, then it slowly but surely decays and ages.

On the other hand if we feed on top nutrients, exercise and get enough quality sleep, our bodies literally grow not only stronger, but also younger.

We are not your age by years, but our biological age. Our biological age is determined purely by our lifestyle. Our cells reproduce themselves every single day; we have replaced our skin cells totally within 8 days only. In one year you have not one single cell in your body that has not been replaced.  By nurturing and feeding yourself carefully on top nutrients daily, you will reach your optimal health; which is an awesome place to be, you will reach your perfect body fat percentage, you will build muscles, you will be full of vitality and energy; and furthermore, your mood will be amazing, your optimal health gives you hormonal balance and you naturally produce a lot of serotonin, which is your happy hormone, and it does exactly that: fills you with joy.  You will reach your best version, not only your dream body, but also your dream life, because your happiness and good vibes will work like a magnet for you, attracting to you all the stuff you love. It will surely bring you success, because ultimately what everybody is looking for is great energy, vitality and happiness.

It always amazes me that most people are so attached to their poor nutritional diets and terrible lifestyles that they have a hard time waving good bye to the sugar chemical toxins that makes them fat tired and sick; when they have been on my top nutrient programs for two weeks they are in awe about how much energy they have, how great they feel, how much weight they have lost, that they never even consider going back to the crappy lifestyle they used to have. I mean seriously who wants to be fat, tired and sick all the time?

Sofie Tvarno

Sports nutritionist - Health coach - Personal trainer

Founder of F.I.T.u™ - rock your body & life with amazing results.

My mission is to bring health & happiness to your world

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