Age is only a number


Exercise and a healthy lifestyle is the fountain of youth

The real fountain of youth is in you. It is the growth hormone HGH.

HGH stimulates tissue growth, increases muscle tone and lean mass, enhances flexibility, thickens muscles.

From when you are born until the age of 30 years old approximately, HGH is naturally released into your bloodstream about an hour and a half after you go to sleep and once more before you wake up in the morning. High levels of HGH drop over time. That is one of the reasons that we are aging.

The good news is that you can naturally boost your HGH by exercise, quality sleep and healthy lifestyle.

Boost Exercise:

Exercise is one of the most powerful, natural ways to stimulate the release of HGH in the body. One of the best workouts for HGH production is strength training, or muscle building exercises, at high intensity.

Lifting weights, or even doing push-ups, are effective.

Sleep Longer:

Sleep is listed as the other powerful, natural means to trigger HGH production. In the April 2000 issue of “Growth Hormone and IGF Research,” researchers at the University of Chicago explain that there is a correlation between the amount of time spent in deep sleep and the amount of HGH produced in the body. Since HGH production is highest in the later hours of sleep, a short sleep span of five hours as opposed to at least seven will limit your natural production of HGH.

Eat a Healthy Diet:

A healthy diet is important in maintaining the natural production of HGH. Having adequate intake of good clean protein, in particular, has been found to be associated with HGH production. Best protein choice is plant based, such as hemp seeds, legumes and so on. For healthy young smooth skin choose healthy fats, such as organic extra virgin olive oil, virgin coconut oil, avocados, nuts etc. It is as well important to eat a lot of salad and fruits a day.

Reduce Stress:

Learning to control the stress in your life is critical to natural HGH production. While relaxation won’t actually trigger the secretion of HGH, if you are stressed, you will stop its natural production. Stress produces a rise in your body’s levels of the stress hormone adrenaline. The European Journal of Endocrinology reports that adrenaline will suppress the rise of HGH levels. Meditation, yoga, journaling and exercise have been found to help.

We receive human growth hormone bursts after heavy exercise. 

Weight lifting is an excellent choice for this. Laboratory tests in Miami have produced exciting results. People in their sixties who’ve gone at least ten to fifteen years without any muscle tone are learning to lift weights and create muscle mass equivalent to that of 20 year olds, with energy levels to match. 

What does this mean? 

It means you can be as strong in your seventies and eighties as you were in your twenties and thirties. This however only if you give your body the nutrients and rest it needs.

5 years ago when I started my fitness health-up journey I felt and looked old.

I was 25 kg heavier and utterly stressed, burned out and depressed

Now 5 years after I look better than when I was twenty, I have more energy than ever before.

And I have seen the same happen to hundreds of clients:

They get young again – Age literally is just a number. 

So do not buy into the common believe, that “you know I am also getting older!”

That only means: “I eat a lot of crap and I sit too much on my butt”.

So get off your BUT(T), both your ass and you excuses.

You are astonishing – how dare you waste it. 

When is the best time to start? NOW!

Sofie Tvarno

Sports nutritionist - Health coach - Personal trainer

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