Do you want sexy six-packs?


Then stop wasting your time doing hours of cardio and countless crunches/sit-ups/planks.

Improve your diet, aka. Eat less crap and lift some Heavy Weights!!!

I am a mother to 3 kids and these are my abs:

The best ab exercise

In the gym here is what mostly goes on:

  • The “cardio” machines are ALWAYS busy.
  • Hordes of people (mostly girls) doing ENDLESS crunches, sit-ups, leg raises, planks and other abs exercises.
  • Almost no one lifting heavy barbells (certainly NO girls).
  • Plenty of people doing all kinds of light weight isolation exercises.

I’m sure many of them are convinced they are achieving a nice flat stomach by trotting on the treadmill, doing endless crunches and miscellaneous “toning” exercises with 1kg dumbbells.

The thing is though that they always wonder why they never reach any results and they always ask me what to do, it’s just that they are not always so happy about the answer:

Change your diet, eat less crap and alter your program in the gym. I mean seriously if you have done the same thing for a year or so and absolutely nothing has happened,

Well then it is a sure sign that you need to change what you are doing!

A wise man once said: ” If you want to change: CHANGE”.

Don’t get me wrong; I think “cardio” has it’s time and place and that strengthening your “core” can be very beneficial.

But it should never become the main focus in your workout – lifting heavy weights should be.

So what to do is quite simple:

1: Improve your diet (see my posts in FitFood & Recipes in order to become super fit) Remember 80 % of a fit & healthy body is what you eat & drink!


When I say that to the girls in the gym they always go:” But what about “cardio”?

And I answer: Lift some heavy weights faster and most important without rest periods between exercises and/or sets, for example you can incorporate active rests between the heavy lifting, where you squat, plank or do your crunches! In this way your program become cardio due to the fact that you constantly keep you pulse up on you 60% -70% of your max, which is absolutely the best fat burning pulse.

But then comes the biggest fear of the girls: But doesn’t lifting heavy weights make us girls “bulky”?

And the answer is: No! You simply do not have the male hormones to get big bulky muscles.

Only two things in this world make girls “bulky”: cup cakes and steroids! 

Lifting heavy weights will on the other hand make you look sexy as(s) hell. LOL.

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