You want results? Then eat and train like it

All too often people train year in and year out without ever getting one single step closer to their goals.

Way too often you see people dieting like crazy, losing the weight, only to gain it and often more back again in a short time.

People are normally wondering about these following questions:

So why is it not working? Is it my genes? Is it that I just don’t do it right? Or is it that I shouldn’t expect results?

If I can achieve one thing, right now, as I have you reading this, I want to convince you that YES you should expect results! I am not a magician; these are not overnight results – but steady, continuous, awesome results. Step-by-step, they will transform you into who you really are. That dream of yours… That dream IS who you really ARE!

If you wanna change: CHANGE

Your body will ONLY change when it has to, when it is pressed to, when the circumstances urge it to.

If you just go to the gym, and do your well known routine, go to the same classes week after week (like most of the girls), well then the body is kind of used to that, and it gets no what so ever indication that it needs to improve in order to keep up. Therefore there are absolutely no changes happening.

In order to improve you need to continuously make new challenges for your body to overcome; then it will wake up and understand, wow I got to make some improvements here in order to endure that program.

How to do that?

  • Change your weight routine, incorporate new stuff, e.g. TRX, BOSO, functional training, with power bags and so on.
  • Use heavier weights!
  • Make zero breaks between sets and make active breaks instead (e.g. aerobic breaks with squat- jumps, or plank -squat -jumps, skipping between sets is perfect).
  • And for the girls: stop doing ONLY aerobic programs- it is time to do some weights too, and use the weights, you can lift more than 1 kg, come on, you do that every day in the supermarket anyway, or when you carry your kids.

Weight training can be fun, if you use different exercises every time.

  • Set a goal
  • Think of yourself as an athlete.
  • Improve your diet – it is not how much you eat – it is WHAT you eat.
  • A fit and healthy body is 80 % made in the kitchen. One hour in the gym is important, but it is what you eat and drink in the 23 hours after that really counts.

fig salad dream

Through my experiences with hundreds of clients as a sports nutritionist/personal trainer/health coach and through my ongoing studies, as well as through my own personal transformation, I discovered that to be fit and truly healthy you need four vital elements: FITFOOD + INSPIRATION + TRAINING + u; a unique u- one that is designed especially and ONLY for you. With the correct combination of each of these four you are right on to your goal.

We each have our own unique goal(s), our own specific history of health issues, and our own unique needs. No food plan should ever be the same for any two individuals; no training should ever be the same for any two persons.

We are ALL one of a kind and each of us deserves to be treated as the unique individual that we are.

With each small success you feel everyday you will find yourself getting closer and closer to your goal.  Like a wild fire, it begins to spreads all over your life and without understanding it you find yourself …happy. YES – more and more happy.

Ultimately, isn’t this what we all searching for?


Sofie Tvarno

Sports nutritionist - Health coach - Personal trainer

Founder of F.I.T.u™ - rock your body & life with amazing results.

My mission is to bring health & happiness to your world

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  • Nothing taste as good as being fit & healthy feels‼️
Nothing beats peak performance and optimal health. And who ever keeps insisting of pizza, souvlaki, and general crappy junk is pleasure, has seriously never felt real pleasure, I am just saying 🤷‍♀️
How important is nutrition? 
100 % important, let me make that clear, you are not going to achieve your dream body, ever without it. 
If you are not making the gains you want, you need to invest more time in quantifying exactly what you are putting in your mouth. Get your nutritional meal plan designed specifically for you is the best way to do it, instant results, guaranteed. 
1. Get lean before you decide to get big. Your insulin sensitivity will be much better when you start bulking, you’ll be able to eat more carbs and you’ll fast get to look a lot bigger. 
2. Being lean is not normal in today’s society. This means you need to do things that normal people don’t. You need to pack your own lunch, and be organised with the food, this is where most people can’t manage because it’s a 24/7/365 commitment. It doesn’t have to be difficult, however, it fast just becomes your habit, your way of life. The benefits are huge: your dream body under serious construction, you can see it changing week by week; energy is up, your mood is great, you are full of serotonin and endorphins, your skin is radiant and you feel alive and kicking. 
3. If you really are committed to developing your best body then you should stop searching or ways to train as little as possible and eat as bad as the mass majority. Get your training program designed specifically for you and nutritional meal plan to support it. 
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  • There is no failure‼️
Only current state. What do I mean by this? I have had quite a few clients ashamed to come for a new appointment or to start training again with me, because they were ashamed, that they didn’t follow the plan as supposed to...that they overate at a period, that they “failed”, that they gained body fat and felt they needed to show me how well they went in order to come again. 
I am a scientist, a weird kind 😜 but a scientist, I see only numbers, current state and a challenge to get you from here to there, in the best possible way for you. I love giving you the results you so much crave. If there are going to be set backs, sure, new numbers, let’s start from there...body fat is nothing to be ashamed of, I used to have more than enough of it, now I have less, I prefer it this way 💯🤟🏼💪🏼 DM me or e-mail me at and let’s get started fro where you are now and get to where you dream of being ASAP! Straight towards your best version #fit #fitness #fitnessmotivation #fitspo #fitfam #healthylifestyle #transformation #success #goals #summerbody #ripped #bikini #lingerie #trend #girlswholift #strongnotskinny #personaltrainer #nutritionist #trainhard #eatclean
  • Dream bodies are build under pressure‼️
It’s hard, the best kind of hard. Sumo-deadlifts from a different angle today 😜 
I love training barefoot because it gives me real stability and contact with the ground to press though. An incredible physique is build by hard work, one step at the time, constantly improving and adding both weight and volume. 
Sumo deadlift benefits:
1. gluteus maximums and quadriceps development. 
2. It minimises lumbar spine stress. Due to the wider stance the lifter is able to open the hip, flex the knees, and keep the hips closer to the bar at the start, ultimately initiating the torso angle of the start position by shifting the demands of the lift from the spine erectors to the quadriceps and glutes. 
The sumo deadlift will enable you to use heavier weights. But remember it is not enough to use heavy weights, you need sufficient volume to stress the fibres involved and exhaust the endurance capacity of the muscle. Enough stress on your legs does wonders: it creates a huge amount of micro trauma, your recovery process speeds up your own naturally produced human growth hormone, which will add to your overall strength and lean muscle mass. Muscle growth is a must do in fat loss: why? It burns huge amounts of energy for you 24/7/365, meaning your metabolism is up and fat loss process is spot on. Plus everyone looks great in muscles. And it’s an incredible feeling getting stronger and stronger. DM me or e-mail me at and let’s get started on the summer body challenge, which incredible steps straight towards your best version #fit #fitness #results #goals #badass #personaltrainer #sumodeadlift #transformation #results #healthy #fatloss #fatburn #dreambody #glutes #trainhard #liftheavy #eatclean #fitspo #fitfam #success #health #leanmuscle #trend #fitspo #fitfam #train #deadlift #girlswholift #summerbody
  • It’s all up to you‼️ When you start taking care of yourself, you start feeling better, you start looking better, you start attracting better. It’s all up to you. Decide what you want. Decide how healthy, how fit, how incredible, just how amazing you want your life to become. It’s all up to you, if you decide and act upon your dreams and goals. Get a ranger who as been through the diet and fitness jungle, one who has the results you want and let them be your co-driver. Decide. Commit. Act. Succeed. Repeat. You want to lose 10 kg? You’ll lose more and gain an incredible amount of muscle mass and feel like a champ. That’s how you become unstoppable- by placing no limits on yourself. Not just in sports, but in everything you do. I want you to want more and get everything you crave. I don’t care how good you think you are, or how great others think you are - you can improve, and you will. DM me or email me at and let’s get started on the best journey you have ever set out on - the journey towards your best version #fit #fitness #fitnessmotivation #bikini #personaltrainer #nutrition #nutritionist #trainhard #eatclean #getlean #transformation #success #abs #legs #glutes #girlswholift #leanmuscle #fitspo #fitfam #peakperformance #healthylifestyle #health #summerbody #feelgood #goodvibes #trend
  • Turn food into muscle, not fat‼️
- here I am with gains and food joy 😜💯💪🏼
Your food choice should be your building blocks‼️
Make sure you support your lean muscle gain by with a nutritional meal plan, calculate for your current state aiming straight towards your goal. Get it done for you: 100 % personalised, based upon all your measurements and your training regime aiming straight towards your personal goal. 
DM me or e-mail me at and let’s get started. 
Here are some general guidelines to help your body use your food as building blocks: 
1. Insulin sensitivity is crucial. If your muscle mass is not sensitive to insulin a lot of the food you eat won’t get delivered to your muscles but get stored as body fat. 
2. Get enough protein and healthy fat.
3. Get enough greens and veggies.
4. Supplements like black bean extract lowers blood glucose, prevent the storage of body fat, and maximises muscle nutrient uptake. 
4. Use apple vinegar cider before big meals. 
5. Have psyllium husk once per day and chia seeds, it lowers post meal blood sugar levels. And it cleans your system. 
6. Omega 3 supplement is a must twice a day.
Lets get started with incredibly delicious steps straight towards your best version #fit #nutritionist #nutrition #mealplanning #eatclean #healthylifestyle #ripped #abs #leanmuscle #gains #fitfam #fitspo #fitness #personaltrainer #transformation #results #health #peakperformance #trend #dreambody
  • Sumo squat jumps‼️ burn 🔥💪🏼💯🤟🏼
- because my goal is lean female incredible legs😜
- What’s your goal? - I work exactly according to your dream body goal‼️
You want to get to the physique you dream of by this summer? 
Then start right now with the summer body challenge, let’s kick start the process and get those results for you. 
When will you see the results? 
Immediately! Yes, if you want to lose body fat you have outstanding results within two weeks with me. That’s how I work. 
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