You want results? Then eat and train like it

All too often people train year in and year out without ever getting one single step closer to their goals.

Way too often you see people dieting like crazy, losing the weight, only to gain it and often more back again in a short time.

People are normally wondering about these following questions:

So why is it not working? Is it my genes? Is it that I just don’t do it right? Or is it that I shouldn’t expect results?

If I can achieve one thing, right now, as I have you reading this, I want to convince you that YES you should expect results! I am not a magician; these are not overnight results – but steady, continuous, awesome results. Step-by-step, they will transform you into who you really are. That dream of yours… That dream IS who you really ARE!

If you wanna change: CHANGE

Your body will ONLY change when it has to, when it is pressed to, when the circumstances urge it to.

If you just go to the gym, and do your well known routine, go to the same classes week after week (like most of the girls), well then the body is kind of used to that, and it gets no what so ever indication that it needs to improve in order to keep up. Therefore there are absolutely no changes happening.

In order to improve you need to continuously make new challenges for your body to overcome; then it will wake up and understand, wow I got to make some improvements here in order to endure that program.

How to do that?

  • Change your weight routine, incorporate new stuff, e.g. TRX, BOSO, functional training, with power bags and so on.
  • Use heavier weights!
  • Make zero breaks between sets and make active breaks instead (e.g. aerobic breaks with squat- jumps, or plank -squat -jumps, skipping between sets is perfect).
  • And for the girls: stop doing ONLY aerobic programs- it is time to do some weights too, and use the weights, you can lift more than 1 kg, come on, you do that every day in the supermarket anyway, or when you carry your kids.

Weight training can be fun, if you use different exercises every time.

  • Set a goal
  • Think of yourself as an athlete.
  • Improve your diet – it is not how much you eat – it is WHAT you eat.
  • A fit and healthy body is 80 % made in the kitchen. One hour in the gym is important, but it is what you eat and drink in the 23 hours after that really counts.

Through my experiences with hundreds of clients as a sports nutritionist and as personal trainer, as well as through my own personal transformation, I discovered that to be fit and truly healthy you need four vital elements: FITFOOD (Nutritional meal planning) + INSPIRATION (mindset) + TRAINING + u; a unique u- one that is designed especially and ONLY for you. With the correct combination of each of these four you are right on to your goal.

We each have our own unique goal(s), our own specific history of health issues, and our own unique needs. No nutritional meal plan should ever be the same for any two individuals; no training program should ever be the same for any two persons.

We are ALL one of a kind and each of us deserves to be treated as the unique individual that we are.

Sofie Tvarno

Sports nutritionist - Health coach - Personal trainer

Founder of F.I.T.u™ - rock your body & life with amazing results.

My mission is to bring health & happiness to your world

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