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Imagine vividly what your dream body and live will give you.

This is what I imagined for my dream future. An image that made me stick to my plan in my fitness/fat loss journey. Feeling so free in my body, light at my feet and happy. Basically I wanted to feel like me again. When I was overweight I had that strange feeling of being in the wrong body. I was waking up in the morning looking at myself in the mirror thinking who hell is that.

One of the best ways to stick to your plan and actually reach that goal of yours is to vividly imagine what it will give you. You should connect your goal with so much pleasure and wellbeing, success on all levels that your brain totally agrees with you that this is a pretty good deal. An amazing life full of energy, inner peace and good vibes beats the hell out of your chocolate muffin and extra caramel moccacino, or whatever it is you are addicted too or stuff yourself with to ease the inner pain. To practice self love and self care does wonders, that include of course taking your dreams and goals seriously. It includes allowing yourself space to do this for you.

Your optimal health, dream body and dream life is hugely connected. Starting by setting your vision of who and what you want to become, how amazing you will feel, how light at your feet and what you will be doing is a very important step. Then let’s get to the planning of it. A personalised nutritional plan combined with a training program designed for you will not only take you to your body goal but also give you so much more energy to actually kick start a success circle for you were you constantly improve in all areas of your life. Get inspired and take amazing steps straight towards your best version. This photo is taken by amazing Vlasia at Costa Navarino, it was like a deja vu, I had seen it all before, I had been here and I had felt exactly like this, and of course I had because I had seen it in my imagination a thousand times before. Close your eyes and see, really see and feel the best version of you. Let’s get started today, nothing is stopping you.

Sofie Tvarno

Sports nutritionist - Health coach - Personal trainer

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