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Sofie Tvarno

Sports nutritionist - Health coach - Personal trainer

Founder of F.I.T.u™ - rock your body & life with amazing results.

My mission is to bring health & happiness to your world

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  • Do you want to lose body fat? 
Do you want to build more lean muscle mass? Do you want to peak perform (in your sport/in your job/in bed)? Do you want a better drive?  Do you want to improve your cognitive ability? Do you want to look a feel younger (lower your biological age)? I think we all crave the above, right? 
What is the single hormone that does it all the above? Yep, you got that one right: Testosterone 💯 this goes for both males and females; women just naturally produces less of it than males. How come so many people suffer from insufficient levels of testosterone? The answer is that the modern world is robbing you from it. Tobacco smoke is a killer of it, so is alcohol and environmental pollutants, medication lowers it, especially birth control pills. The more acid body environment the lower is testosterone in your body. So what can we do? We can naturally elevate it by nutrition and lifestyle choices. Natural testosterone boosters: 
1. Nutritional planning, calculated specifically for your current state aiming straight towards your personal goal. Add garlic, foods rich in magnesium, zinc and vitamin K. Get enough omega 3. 
2. Weight/strength training
3. Stop doing hours of cardio, it stresses your body, elevated cortisol and other stress hormones that lower your testosterone. Cardio has its place, but do it smart. 
4. De-stress, stress affects your T-level hugely. Whatever relaxed you do more of it. Meditation? Diving? Sex? 
5. Sleep, getting enough sleep is paramount for your body to naturally produce testosterone. 
A healthy, well feed, well trained body elevate naturally testosterone that builds muscle mass in a lean manner and burns body fat like crazy. DM me or e-mail at and let’s take incredible steps straight towards your best version. Photo by Zoi @zoitvarno #transformation #success #fatlosstips #healthylifestyle #healthy #fatburn #fatloss #health #abs #nutrition #nutritionist  #personaltrainer #leanmuscle #bikini #trainhard #eatclean #dreambody #dreamlife #fitness #fit #fitspo #fitfam #fitmom #beachbody #girlswholift #glutes #trend
  • Muscles are very feminine indeed 😉
We all look and feel much better “in muscles”‼️
Building lean muscle mass is always the right choice: it elevates your metabolism and will burn your body fat for you.
Building lean muscle mass will make you strong and confident.
Building muscle mass will lower your biological age. 
Every year after 35 we actually lose muscle mass if we don’t build it. Stress is also a big reason that we actually may lose muscle mass. Chronic and excessive cortisol elevation is the main reason for losing muscle because it directly causes a breakdown of muscle tissue. It also slows down the muscle repair/rebuilding by inhibiting the immune system (which is the driver of muscle growth) and limits how much muscle you can carry by increasing myostatin, a protein that acts as the governor for how much muscle your body allows you to carry (more myostatin means less muscle). The key points to keep in mind here: 
1. Stress management is paramount for your fitness goal/optimal health/peak performance.
2. Nutrient stress is a huge factor. Make sure you are correctly fed (follow your specific nutritional meal plan) and make sure you don’t lack essential vitamins and minerals. 
3. Sleep is very important for your ability to cope with stress, build muscle and burn body fat. 
DM me or e-mail me at to get your meal plan and training program specifically calculated for your current state aiming straight towards your goal. The magic ingredient in any fitness/health plan is YOU, you are unique and should be treated as such #fit #fitness #fitspo #fitfam #personaltrainer #leanmuscle #fatlosstips #fatloss #healthylifestyle #health #abs #glutegains #bikini #lingerie #trend #trainhard #eatclean #mealplanning #nutritionist #nutrition
  • Get rid of body fat, fast and sustainable:
1. Nutritional planning, calculated specifically for your current state aiming straight towards your personal goal.
2. Weight training, get a hold on the big muscle groups heavily, I mean what is heavy for you personally. 
3. Stop doing hours of cardio, it stresses your body, elevated cortisol and other stress hormones that makes you hold on to your body fat like your life depends on it. Cardio has its place, but it should only be the icing of the cake. 
4. De-stress, stress makes you fat and sick. Plan your relaxation: what relaxes you? Meditation? Yoga? Driving? Sex? Do more of it, by all means. 
5. Sleep, getting enough sleep is paramount for your body to reach to recovery, heal and repair. This makes a relaxed body environment ready for body fat loss and muscle gain which elevates your metabolism.
A healthy, well feed, well trained body burns body fat like crazy, let’s make those plans for you to take you to this stage. DM me or e-mail me at #fit #fitness #fitspo #fitfam #fitnessmotivation #fatlosstips #fatloss #fatburn #bikini #summerbody #goals #abs #strongcore #glutegains #strongnotskinny #girlswholift #nutrition #nutritionist #healthylifestyle #trend #summerbodychallenge #bestversionofyou #success #transformation
  • Getting results doesn’t take time, NOT getting results does ‼️
Here is my point: if your training program doesn’t give you results: change it. 
If your meal plan doesn’t get you shredded: change it. 
Your nutritional plan and training program should be specifically designed for you and your current state, and you should get immediate results, not only on your scale, but you will see your body changing, muscles are getting firmer, tighter and body fat is melting off you. You will feel the results by continuously altered performance and athletic improvement. If you do it right from the beginning it doesn’t take time, results starts immediately. Now on the other hand if you start going to the gym and you kind of eat healthy but you do not calculate it or measure it, then you gotta be real f@cking lucky to get any results what so ever. If you want to lose body fat for example then you have to be in a constant caloric deficit by a small about in order to make sure you do it in a healthy sustainable manner and actually can build muscle mass in the same time. To do it, think of this: here is how it’s done: your BMR x your PAL = your calories to keep you in a neutral state, to lose body fat you need a minor deficit but always higher than your BMR. Your BMR is changing according to your changing measurements. So you can understand that it’s pretty hard to hit the correct number by chance: it’s like a one in a million chance. So if you daily try to assume that number hoping you will reach your goal, obviously it will take a long time for you to realise that it’s just not going to happen. And it’s not because of your age, your genes, your blood type or anything else, it’s just simply because you are not in the correct caloric deficit. Let’s get the results on you from the beginning? - getting results doesn’t take time when it’s done correctly. DM me or e-mail me at and let’s get started with incredible steps straight towards your best version #fit #fitness #leanmuscle #fatlosstips #fatloss #fatburn #nutritionist #nutrition #fitspo #fitfam #eatclean #mealplan #mealprep #lingerie #lingeriesexy #abs #strongcore #weightloss #fatlossjourney
  • Know your reasons “why!”
You can do just about anything if you are completely clear on your why it's extremely important. 
If you have a strong enough “why” you will never need to get into endless discussions with yourself and others why you need to train this hard, why you need to be extraordinary in your approach, why you need to follow a strict meal plan, why you need to get yet another degree. 
My lifestyle change, my transformation, my choosing life, are sitting right there, plus my boys of course, not always so happy about showing up on photos, but always there to take videos of me and support me, yes my three amazing kids. 
Going from overweight, depressed, smoking, stresses out exporter, single mother feeling real sorry for herself drinking too much red wine in her sofa corner; to standing up tall doing something about it, quitting the cigarettes, purring that red wine down the drain, getting healthy, getting strong, losing all the excess body fat, searching for light and healing, slowly changing job and changing my whole life. For my three kids I'd go through fire, storms, through hell and back. We lead by example, as parents, it's what we DO that counts. If you want healthy kids: be healthy. It's real clear. Real simple in fact. Get inspired, find your "why" and take amazing steps straight towards your best version. P.S. here we are after a long hard day, messy hair and still shining #fit #fitness #health #family #healthyfamily #healthy #fatloss #fatburn #fatlosstips #success #transformation #happiness #kids #love #vision #goals #healthylifestyle #healthyfood #wellness #fitspo #fitmom #healing #motherdaughter #inspiration #fitnessmotivation
  • «Why can’t you out train a bad diet?»
In order to answer this question: consider the following one: 
Do you actually build your body while training? 
No, you aim for micro trauma. When your training is done correctly you constantly push yourself over your limits. You train in an area of almost too difficult. That’s why it’s painful, in the best way. Through your nutrition you enable your body to grow back stronger. If your nutrition doesn't support your goal and your training, you can kiss your dream goodbye. You can't run off junk. Your body is NOT a bank account. The equation is NOT energy in energy out (even though caloric deficit is important in a body fat loss process). Do you for example build muscle mass from cake? We all know that we don’t, we do all capture the concept that it’s much more complex than that. If you want a picture that is more correct we could consider using: chemical lab. Meaning whatever you eat effects your chemical conditioning, effects your hormones, effects your immune system, effects your cellular reproduction and so on. Everything affect us overall. Everything counts. A great way to think of it, is food as your building blocks, your healing remedies, your repair optimiser, your optimal brain function driver, your gasoline and your mood fixer etc. Your food literally rebuild every single cell in your body, it's up to you to feed that process in an optimal manner. What is optimal for you? It depends on all your unique factors, data measurements, current health state, training load, goal etc don't just do it: do it right. DM me or e-mail me at to get your personally designed nutritional plan specifically for you and your goal. Take firm steps straight towards your best version #fit #fitness #results #healthy #fatloss #abs #fatburn #fatlosstips #musclegain #leanmuscle #bestversion #dreambody #success #transformation #energy  #sportsnutrition #sportsnutritionist #nutrition #nutritionist #eatclean #fitfood  #bikini #mealplanning #healthyfood #lifestyle #fitspo