What is F.I.T.u™?

Through my experiences as a sports nutritionist and personal trainer with hundred of clients, as well as through my own personal transformation, I discovered that to be fit and truly healthy you need four vital elements:


Nutritional meal planning + Mindset + Training program all specifically designed for you, your current sate and needs!

U= you, you are unique and you should be treated as such. Your nutritional meal plan and training program should be designed for your current state aiming straight towards your goal.

Why F.I.T.u™?

F.I.T.u or your own personalised specific meal plan/training program works because it is designed for you, it is based on your current measurements, needs and goal. No nutritional meal plan should or can ever the same for any two individuals, because it’s highly unlikely two individuals have the same measurements, current state, BMR, PAL, Training method or lack thereof and goal; no training program should ever the same for any two persons for the same exact reasons. Each one of us have different starting points, hugely different needs, as well as different goals

Way too often people are going to the gym or/and doing their sport, year in and year out, without really improving, without getting anywhere near to their goals. Way too often you see people dieting like crazy, losing most of the desired weight and hopefully body fat, only to gain it and often more back again in a short period of time.

People are normally wondering about these following questions:

So why is it not working?

Is it my genes?

Is it that I just don’t do it right?

Or is it that I shouldn’t expect results?

Am I too old?

Is it my metabolism that there is something wrong with?

If I can achieve one thing, right now, as I have you reading this, I want to convince you that YES you should expect results! And NO you are never too old, it is NOT your metabolism that there is something wrong with! Neither is it entirely your genes that should be blamed, genes play of course a role, but we can do a lot with putting in the hard work.

I am not a magician; the results of course does not appear overnight – but I can guarantee you this, if you want to lose body fat, you will, and it will start happening for you as soon as you start on the nutritional meal plan I will design specifically for you. Depending on your body fat percentage and how over-weight you are you can expect to lose x amount per week and x amount per month. We measure the progress. Let us say you are quite overweight with a high body fat percentage, the first 10 kg will come off you quite fast, I can promise you that by 1-2 month of following the meal plan you will be that much lighter in body fat loss. If you have less body fat on you it might go slower, the last percentages of body fat are often harder to get rid of , but never the less, you will lean out week by week with measurable results. Steadily, step-by-step, with continuously never ending improvements, in doable steps we will reach your goal.

F.I.T.u™ will give you the results you crave

Just going to the gym will not exactly rock your body; just dieting might even make you more “fat” than when you started. On the contrary a great combination of nutritional meal planning, training program according to your goal, mindset work and support, specifically designed for you – THAT will do the trick!

You can get rid of the body fat you want.

You can gain healthy weight and build strong, lean muscles.

You can get rid your of body stress.

You can fight inflammation. You can reach optimal health and regain your energy.

You can keep up with your extreme training without damaging your body.

All depending on your current condition, current state and goal.

You can achieve well-ness and start to feel real good in your own body.

Truly healthy in the whole meaning of the word.

Ultimately, isn’t this what we all searching for?

A great life quality. The base of all success.

Let’s take the step straight towards …your best version of YOU!

GET F.I.T.u™

Sofie Tvarno

Sports nutritionist - Health coach - Personal trainer

Founder of F.I.T.u™ - rock your body & life with amazing results.

My mission is to bring health & happiness to your world

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