What is F.I.T.u™?

Through my experiences as a sports nutritionist and personal trainer with hundred of clients, as well as through my own personal transformation, I discovered that to be fit and truly healthy you need four vital elements:


U= you, you are unique and you should be treated as such. Your nutritional meal plan and training program should be designed for your current state aiming straight towards your goal.

Why F.I.T.u™?

No food plan should ever the same for any two individuals; no training should ever the same for any two persons. Each person’s goals are not the same. Each one of us has hugely different needs.

We are ALL one of a kind and each of us deserves to be treated as the unique individual that we are.

All too often people go to the gym doing their sports year in and year out without ever getting one single step closer to their goals and their dreams. Way too often you see people dieting like crazy, losing the weight, only to gain it and often more back again in a short time.

People are normally wondering about these following questions:

So why is it not working? Is it my genes? Is it that I just don’t do it right? Or is it that I shouldn’t expect results?

If I can achieve one thing, right now, as I have you reading this, I want to convince you that YES you should expect results! I am not a magician; these are not overnight results – but steady, continuous, awesome results. Steadily, step-by-step, they will transform you into who you really are. That dream of yours … you know, that dream of how you really think you look. That dream IS who you really ARE!

F.I.T.u™ will give you the results you crave

Just going to the gym will not rock your body; just dieting might even make you fat. But an awesome combination of lifestyle nutrition, motivation, inspiration, encouragement and support and add to that – functional training – uniquely designed for you – THAT will do the trick!

You can move mountains (of fat LOL), fat off your body and off our soul. You can gain healthy weight and build strong, lean muscles. You can get rid your of body stress, inflammation and be a healthier you, regaining your energy. You can keep up with your extreme training without damaging your body. It all depends on your dreams and goals. Start daring to be more. Dare to be the YOU you really are! Dare to be your best version of YOU!

With each small success you feel everyday you will find yourself getting closer and closer to your goal. Like a wild fire, it begins to spreads all over your life and without understanding it you find yourself …happy. YES – more and more happy.

Ultimately, isn’t this what we all searching for?

Join me and we will make the journey together to shape …your best version of YOU!

We each have our own unique personalities, our own goal(s), our own specific history of health issues, and our own unique needs. This is why F.I.T.u™ is designed JUST for you! For your goal(s), for your dream body, for YOUR dream life as you see it.

GET F.I.T.u™

Sofie Tvarno

Sports nutritionist - Health coach - Personal trainer

Founder of F.I.T.u™ - rock your body & life with amazing results.

My mission is to bring health & happiness to your world

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