FitFood/Nutritional meal plan

FitFood, your nutritional meal plan, is your optimum nutrition, for your optimal health, designed for your unique needs and goals.


Your personalised meal plan is designed for you based upon your current state, your starting point. It is based upon your measurements, your BMR, your PAL, your blood test, your health condition, your injuries if you have any, your work load, your training method or lack thereof. Your nutritional meal plan aim to take you to your specific goal.  Your meal plan aim to create the best possible conditions for your to thrive in, optimising your hormonal balance and body environment, by giving you the best possible intake of nutrients. Your needs are completely unique and depend on a whole host of factors, from strengths and weaknesses you were born with, right up to the effects of your current environment.

No one meal plan nor diet is perfect for everyone, that’s why I design them uniquely tailor-made especially for you in my F.I.T.u™ program.

FitFood/ your personalised meal plan will give you the following results:

  • Peak performance: Promotes your optimal physical performance. High improvement on clarity, mood and concentration.
  • Vitality and optimal health, high energy and speedy recovery.
  • Energy and happiness, it will boost your energy as well as your happy hormones, such as serotonin.
  • Anti-age, it promotes rapid healthy cell reproduction and it is associated with the longest healthy lifespan.
  • Your perfect body fat percentage according to your unique goal
  • Lean muscle gain according to your goal/dream body, it will feed your muscles and speed up your metabolism.

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Sofie Tvarno

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