I have learned that Inspiration and goal setting are as important as the air we breathe

air we breathe

My work is to

  • inspire you, to fulfill your dream
  • support and motivate you to pull it through the tough times
  • remind you, why you are doing it
  • confirm to you, that ,YES you can, it is becoming REAL

My life’s quest has become

  • to restore your dream,
  • free you up to dream bigger or closer to what YOU really want and make it REAL,
  • to get you to remember and use the power that lies within you.

I believe that, that dream of yours, that is who you really are.
Become your true self!

In my work with hundreds of clients, as well as through my experience with my own health & fitness journey, I have learned that Inspiration is as important as the air we breathe, maybe even more than the food & training.

You need to have a goal, but it is very important that it is entirely yours, that you are inspired to dream as big as you like, because that dream of yours will fire you up, bring sparkles in your eyes and it will propel you through all the changes and difficulties that you will encounter. A lifestyle change is big and hard work, but you will make it, if you know why you are doing it and exactly what it will give you.

Your inspiration will pull you through and every day will be a small success for you, reaching closer and closer to your goal. All your small successes will add up and will bring confidence and happiness, which will shine all around you. You, even on your first steps of your journey, are setting out to change your whole life.

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  • The heat is on 🔥
Let’s stop for a second complaining about the heat and look at the awesome benefits of it instead. 
I have before been speaking about the performance enhancing effects of heat: the exposure to heat increases the amount of heat shock proteins (HSPs). These are specialised proteins, which are protective and regenerative in nature. They deliver the following effects:
1. They prevent oxidative stress in cells 
2. They enhances recovery 
3. They preserve more amino acids in your system used for protein synthesis 
HSPs promote muscle adaptation, an essential part of training progression. If a muscle group is unable to adapt to the stressors being placed upon it, it won’t grow. HSPs ensure, especially during resistance training, the correct assembly of amino acids into appropriate protein enhancing hypertrophy (growing the glutes 🍑😉). HSPs and lifting: 
The eccentric, the negative or lowering portion of a lift, the the most promising range for muscle growth (and yasss ladies you do want to grow your glutes, all of you 💃🍑) so let’s do those real slow eccentric moves. Most people just drop the bar without actively resisting the weight and just don’t get the best part done ✅. Intense eccentric exercise can boost HSPs by over a 1000 percent, now imagine this in a combo with the heat, now that’s a perfect combination for muscle growth. Heat makes your body function better, both aerobically and anaerobically, as well as the bonus of removal of toxins from all your amazing sweat 💦 get inspired and take incredible beneficial steps straight towards your best version #glutegains #gains #leanmuscle #nutritionist #nutrition #fatloss #fatlosstips #trending #trainhard #fitspo #fitfam #fit #fitness #girlswholifts #personaltrainer #glutes #glutepump #healthylifestyle #happinnes
  • Reeves Deadlift: the best exercise for a V-Taper‼️
This lift was developed by Steve Reeves, one of the most famous bodybuilders of all times.
Reeves was known for having an incredible V-Taper and massive upper back. This exercise was a significant part of his training. 
The Reeves deadlift involves an inordinately wide grip that’s much wider than the snatch grip. It crushes the upper back and lats. 
This lift is for tall lifters with a large wingspan in general. 
My upper back used to be a weak spot, I work so much on it that it is becoming my strongest...incredible what we are capable at with persistence, patience and never ending ongoing training that always pushes us forward out over our limits in a never ending improvement plan. Leveling up, all the way up where you belong. DM me or e-mail me at and let’s get started on your progress towards your top physique, your best version #reevesdeadlift #deadlift #deadliftvariation #personaltrainer #trainhard #physique #vtaper #bestversion #musclegain #leanmuscle #girlswholift
  • Calories out > Calories In= Weight loss
- yes, but hold on‼️ Is weight loss really all you want? It’s what you think you want! Is it the number at the bathroom scale, you dream of? Or is it an incredible physique? Is it a fitness look? Is it tons of energy? Light at your feet? Is it with firm muscles and a butt up there where it belongs? 
What most people really dream of is an incredible physique. And that is build with the correct building blocks, with hard training for you. And remember: You can't out train a bad diet. If your nutrition doesn't support your goal and your training, you can kiss your dream body goodbye. You can't run off junk. Your body is NOT a bank account. The equation is NOT energy in energy out. It's much more complex than that. If you want a picture that is more correct we could consider using: chemical lab. Meaning whatever you eat effects your chemical conditioning, effects your hormones, effects your immune system, effects your cellular reproduction and so on. A great way to think of it, is food as your building blocks, your healing remedies, your repair optimiser, your optimal brain function driver and your mood fixer etc. Your food literally rebuild every single cell in your body with in a year (approximately 95 % of your cells are in fact replaced with in a year) it's up to you to feed that process in an optimal manner. What is optimal for you? It depends on all your unique factors, data measurements, current health state, training load, goal etc don't just do it: do it right. Get a personally designed nutritional plan specifically for you and your goal. DM me and let’s take firm steps straight towards your best version #fit #fitness #results #healthy #fatloss #fatlosstips #health #musclegain #leanmuscle #bestversion #dreambody #success #transformation #energy  #sportsnutrition  #nutritionist #eatclean #fitfood #leanmuscle #glutegains #abs #corestrength #physique #fitspo #fitfam #shredded
  • Build lean firm muscles‼️
It’s absolutely the best way to boost your metabolism and lower your body fat.
It’s the best you can do for your wellness and health. It’s such a feel good. Such an endorphin booster. Strong and confident. 
Women are often torn between what they are expected to look like: the female look of a 22 year old, which is unsustainable, because we do get older and lose 10% of our natural muscle mass per year. Just to keep your muscle mass you gotta use them. Nobody enjoys the “empty bag” kinda look. What is “feminine” or “masculine”? Women are often really scared to gain too much muscle, because it is considered “masculine”. I am warned daily not to over do it and get too “masculine” that’s why I make small videos like this to show you that, well at least I feel very feminine indeed. Peak performance and female muscles, feels really awesome, and I truly believe that should be the highest indicator of our goals, just how great it makes you feel. At a point I even suffered under this “don’t get too masculine” syndrome, until I decided to really add weight, live in a constant caloric surplus and gain mass. I have added kilos and muscle and I have never felt better and this is just the beginning. For the first time in the last 8 years where I was losing body fat since I was overweight (103 kg) I am allowing myself to thrive and build muscle mass.
When I design muscle gain programs for training and feeding you the like, by your specific calculated nutritional meal plan, you won’t gain body fat, you will add the right amount of muscle that will burn your body fat for you, always according to your goal of course. DM me or e-mail me at and let’s get started building that body you dream of and deserve #fit #fitfam #fitspo #fatlosstips #fatloss #mealplanning #musclegain #leanmuscle #physique #personaltrainer #girlswholift #abs #legs #healthylifestyle #strongnotskinny
  • Let’s thrive‼️ Let’s aim for peak performance.
Let’s aim for optimal health. 
Let’s aim for our best and happiest version. A version where you are full of energy. 
I don’t believe in feeling deprived in any way, I don’t believe in feeding on a salad leaf, dead tired on your sofa, not wanting to move, because you are way too low on calories. What’s the fun in that? What good does a ripped body do you if you aren’t alive and kicking?
I believe in feeding your body nutrients for thriving. A nutritional meal specifically designed for your personal needs and training program aiming for your growth. Hard training doesn’t make much sense without nutrient support, because what exactly are you going to grow back stronger on? 
What exactly did you feed your body to recover on?
How did you support your immune system to fight inflammation and keep your body at its peak performance? 
DM me or email me at let’s make your specific nutritional meal plan and training program, and take incredible steps straight towards your best version #fit #fitness  #personaltrainer #nutrition #nutritionist #health #healthylifestyle #healthy #fatloss #fatlosstips #happiness #dreambody #loveyourbody #thrive #nurture #leanmuscle #abs #fitspo #trending #glutes #bikini
  • Get those results‼️
What is the reason you are doing this? To get results, right?
Most people go to the gym for years and nothing really happens. So many people tell me that they have been trying to lose weight for months and they are stuck...
Training should give you measurable results. 
Dieting should make you lose weight. 
If your training program doesn’t build you the muscle you want: change it!
If your diet doesn’t work: dump it!
Results should be seen and felt immediately. Small gradual improvements daily, weekly and  monthly. You should be constantly improving, losing body fat, elevating muscle mass, getting stronger, faster whatever your goal is, you should be moving towards it.
That’s what I do: I give results. 
The best and fastest results possible to your physique, to your performance, to your health - in short to your best version. 
That’s my expertise. I cut through all the bullshit and I kick ass to get you there. If you want the results, I calculate specifically how make that happen for you. I can design the perfect meal plan for you, the best possible training program to get you the fastest possible to your goal. But you have to be willing to execute. It’s action upon action, upon action. It has a lot to do with mindset. I will train your most important muscle: your mind. It’s an important part of your training. The ability to show up for training every day and do what no one else is willing to do, that comes from a very well trained mind. To drive to the top and stay there, year after year: that’s mindset. DM me or email me at and let’s get started straight towards your best version #fatloss #fatlosstips #fitspo #fitfam #fit #fitness #trainhard #trending #transformation #success #physique #personaltrainer #abs  #gluteworkout #goals