Hi, I’m Sofie Tvarno, I am a sports nutritionist and a personal trainer.

I’m Danish, living in Athens with my three kids, Fotis, Lukas and Zoi; and as I like to say a happily, divorced single mom.

I was not always what you see today. My journey over the last few years has led me to my own personal transformation; body wise as well as a total life change.

My journey

I used to work as an exporter of Greek organic products, I had my own export company and I was “successful” on the surface. I was extremely stressed, and became more and more depressed. An amazing therapist helped me to reconnect to my body. I sat out on a journey to become healthy inside out.

At these photos you can see me after giving birth (I was 103 kg), my progress losing the body fat I wanted, ending up almost too skinny in 2017 (only 59 kg) by over-training and under-eating (It worked being in a caloric deficit, of course, while I was losing the desired body fat, I just somewhat continued that habit after it was no loner necessary). I was doing a lot of aerobic group training sessions daily and I didn’t get enough calories in according to my PAL (Physical Activity Level) to sustain my muscle mass; neither did I have enough focus at my own training, because I was simply too exhausted by the end of the day to really work with enough weight. I acknowledged my mistake and adjusted my meal plan and training program. The progress ever since has been amazing. I am becoming stronger and stronger, so healthy and I really cannot remember feeling better in my whole life. The last photo is now (07/09/2019) I am 71 kg (185cm). I now have a great focus at my own training; I train with constant progressive overload which I support with my nutritional meal plan which is in a constant caloric surplus due to the fact that I am in a muscle gain mode.

I became a nutritionist while I was till having the export company because it made sense to know how to market my products better as the mediterranean diet. This is not a diet I as such believe in any longer, as my knowledge has expanded hugely and I am not in a particular need to sell a specific product, but rather promote optimal health and support my clients in their own personal gaols.

I became a certified personal trainer on my journey toward my best version, because it made sense to know everything about achieving the best possible physique, which is my passion.

My voracious appetite to learn more about my favourite subjects, nutrition and fitness, lead me to become a sports nutritionist. I simply wanted to know exactly how to feed a top athlete to apply it and get those results no one seemed to be able get me.  I, of course took it a step further and I am still completing my studies in functional medicine (This is still a hobby). I have fallen completely in love with life, a life and way of living that we all deserve. I have already had the honor of helping hundreds of clients reach their goals.

Join me and we will make the journey together to shape… your best version of YOU!

Sofie Tvarno

Sports nutritionist - Health coach - Personal trainer

Founder of F.I.T.u™ - rock your body & life with amazing results.

My mission is to bring health & happiness to your world

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  • An antidote to pain and injury. Training your core reduce injury risk, it improves posture and the ability to hold proper (neutral) spine alignment. This holds you in a correct upright position that will keep pains in the body away, especially back pain.
Training for a real strong core is essential to avoid injuries in sports and during training, especially for the big lifts like squats and deadlifts, and in general for all types of pull exercises. All sports, in fact, require focus at core training. Since it brings excellent balance and better stable movement. It’s a functional muscle group that provides stability for the trunk, spine and pelvis. Your abdominals also functions to flex the spine. The last thing we want on squats and deadlifts is for your spine to round, putting your disks in a very vulnerable position. This means creating tension through the recurs abdominals without causing spinal flexion. In general however, all normal every day activities like bending to put on your shoes, cleaning tasks, picking up smaller items and shopping bags. In short a string core underpins everything you do. 
Abs - and core strength exercises are essential to your optimal health and peak performance. 
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  • I think it’s important that we all look ourselves in the mirror and ask the question: what do I love to do in my life? Go all in on that. Then there is no need for anyone to point fingers, judge, hate and leave destructive comments. I believe we are all here to improve, so constructive feed back and how to level up and become even more successful are, of course, more than welcome.
I, personally, love to inspire other people to train more and get healthier, and I know for a fact that I do. I am, of course, also here to promote my job as a sports nutritionist and personal trainer. Our outfits are quite different than the normal office dress code, I am thinking that quite few people here, haven’t been much to the gyms lately, and therefore aren’t used to the dress code and decorum of elite athletes and personal trainers. And therefore have felt that I should “cover up”, I am an ambassador of my own brand and I build physiques, it’s normal for a personal trainer to show his/her physique.
I also want to express how grateful I am for all the support and incredible constructive feed back I am getting; let’s focus on that and all level up together.
I wish you all an amazing new week. Do you and go all in on your personal goals 
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  • Just to make it completely clear: I have no Tinder account 😂😂 I do not intent to make one! What I do have is my Sofa 🤟🏼and I often look like this in my break, making sure my muscles don’t get cold. #keepingitreal #dollypartonchallenge😂 that turned into tons of questions regarding a Tinder account I do NOT have #therealchallenge #ison #relax #zen #zone
  • Multidimensional ✌🏼
Wholeheartedly me everywhere and so much more ♥️
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  • You are unique and when you take that into account you actually start getting the results that you crave. 
A great metaphor is to think of caring for a houseplant, and this is simple really because there are only three variables- light, water and soil. If you want a plant to grow you place it near the window so it gets enough sunlight, and you make sure to give it enough water. If the plant doesn’t thrive, you may take a look at the soil and make sure it has enough nutrients in it. We know all plants are different and some needs less light and more water, some different soil etc. Even though there are only three variables, there are a lot of options. 
Now imagine trying to grow muscles and achieve a specific goal for a human when there are a large amounts of variables that affect the progress. It becomes easier to understand that a personal approach is necessary for optimal results. We all start with a different current state, body fat percentage, muscle mass, training history, training method or lack there of, injuries, health condition, work load, life situation etc when you respect all your personal variables then you’ll start thriving.
  • - we are all busy and we don’t live under perfect circumstances.
You have to make the decision that you will train no matter what! I have the rule, that we train no matter what, unless you have fever or it’s your rest day; in my book your rest day is part of your training, though, and there are things you do on your rest day that sets yourself up for achievement on your training days.
If we sit and wait for the perfect, or even good, days only, where we are rested, with energy and everything working out for us, well, then there will be very few days in a year, we will train. Especially as working single parents, when we have kids, there is always something. But even when you are alone, the days you feel tired, with a headache, you maybe just got your period, maybe you just feel train anyway, that’s the rule. And when you do so you’ll feel so much better, always. It’s not always possible to train with 100%, maybe you go for just 50% maybe even less, maybe you’ll have to get the training done at home, at the office, or on your way home; maybe you can only reach 30 min one day, do it anyway, and the training habit is getting formed. You choose you, you give yourself oxygen, you get empowered, and you achieve your goal in a, slow maybe, but sure way.

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