Hi, I’m Sofie Tvarno, I am a sports nutritionist and a personal trainer.

I’m Danish, living in Athens with my three kids, Fotis, Lukas and Zoi; and as I like to say a happily, divorced single mom.

I was not always what you see today. My journey over the last few years has led me to my own personal transformation; body wise as well as a total life change.

My journey

I used to work as an exporter of Greek organic products, I had my own export company and I was “successful” on the surface. I was extremely stressed, and became more and more depressed. An amazing therapist helped me to reconnect to my body. I sat out on a journey to become healthy inside out.

At these photos you can see me after giving birth (I was 103 kg), my progress losing the body fat I wanted, ending up almost too skinny in 2017 (only 59 kg) by over-training and under-eating (It worked being in a caloric deficit, of course, while I was losing the desired body fat, I just somewhat continued that habit after it was no loner necessary). I was doing a lot of aerobic group training sessions daily and I didn’t get enough calories in according to my PAL (Physical Activity Level) to sustain my muscle mass; neither did I have enough focus at my own training, because I was simply too exhausted by the end of the day to really work with enough weight. I acknowledged my mistake and adjusted my meal plan and training program. The progress ever since has been amazing. I am becoming stronger and stronger, so healthy and I really cannot remember feeling better in my whole life. The last photo is now (07/09/2019) I am 71 kg (185cm). I now have a great focus at my own training; I train with constant progressive overload which I support with my nutritional meal plan which is in a constant caloric surplus due to the fact that I am in a muscle gain mode.

I became a nutritionist while I was till having the export company because it made sense to know how to market my products better as the mediterranean diet. This is not a diet I as such believe in any longer, as my knowledge has expanded hugely and I am not in a particular need to sell a specific product, but rather promote optimal health and support my clients in their own personal gaols.

I became a certified personal trainer on my journey toward my best version, because it made sense to know everything about achieving the best possible physique, which is my passion.

My voracious appetite to learn more about my favourite subjects, nutrition and fitness, lead me to become a sports nutritionist. I simply wanted to know exactly how to feed a top athlete to apply it and get those results no one seemed to be able get me.  I, of course took it a step further and I am still completing my studies in functional medicine (This is still a hobby). I have fallen completely in love with life, a life and way of living that we all deserve. I have already had the honor of helping hundreds of clients reach their goals.

Join me and we will make the journey together to shape… your best version of YOU!

Sofie Tvarno

Sports nutritionist - Health coach - Personal trainer

Founder of F.I.T.u™ - rock your body & life with amazing results.

My mission is to bring health & happiness to your world

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